Extension of Stay









Upon entry into The Bahamas, all travellers are interviewed and processed by Bahamas Immigration Officers at the border. Travellers who classify as visitors/ tourists may be granted leave to land by an Immigration Officer at the border for a period of time determined by the Officer in accordance with the law. Visitors who may wish to remain in the country in excess of the time period granted to him/her by the Immigration Officer at the border may make application for a visitor’s extension no later than two (2) business days before the expiration of their granted time.

In order to apply for a visitor extension, the applicant must present him or herself along with the following:

  • The valid passport used to enter The Bahamas.
  • The Immigration Arrival/Departure Card that corresponds to their initial border crossing.
  • A return ticket or evidence of ability and intent to depart The Bahamas

Visitor extensions are always free of charge and may be processed at Immigration headquarters, Mount Royal House, Hawkin’s Hill, Mt. Royal Avenue in New Providence or at the Bahamas Immigration Offices on the Family Islands.

Note: The applicant must produce evidence of being able to sustain him/herself while in the country for the requested extension period. Please be advised that the Officer in Charge of Visitor Extensions may deny any application which does not meet the outlined requisites.