Special Permit

The Department of Immigration maintains a “Restricted List”, which contains the names of persons who must seek special permission to enter the Bahamas. These are typically persons who would have been lawfully deported or removed from The Bahamas. Persons whose names are on the “Restricted List” who wish to visit the Bahamas must seek special permission to do so from the Director of Immigration. If granted, this permission is in the form of a “Special Permit”, which is issued for a specified purpose and for a specified maximum period of 28 days, at the discretion of the Director of Immigration. Once granted, holders must have the Special Permit on their person at all times and must surrender it on departing the country.

Special Entry Permit Application Requirements:

$200.00 non-refundable processing fee ( payable by cash, credit/debit card, postal/money orders or bank certified cheque)
Cover Letter addressed to the Director of Immigration
• Applicant’s original police certificate( issued note earlier than six (6) months and must cover five years of residence and is required from the age of 14)
Two (2) current passport photographs of applicant on white background with name printed the back of photo (within six (6) months of application photos must be 2 X 2 inches)
• VALID copy of applicant biographical page of passport (must be signed and readable with six (6) month validity)
• Two (2) written references (one (1) must be from employer)


Any non-Bahamian visitor whose name is on the “Restricted List” can apply for this.


Submit request letter along with required documents to the Customer Service Department.