Permanent Residence

Non-Bahamian nationals who are desirous of living and working in The Bahamas must seek authorization from the Department of Immigration to do so. Permanent residence is a status issued to an individual for the duration of his/her life, unless revoked, and may grant him/her the right to live and or work, but not the right to vote in The Bahamas.


The following categories of persons may apply for permanent residence:

  • Spouse of a Bahamian after 5 years of marriage, and whose marriage is subsisting and the couple cohabiting as husband and wife
  • Persons born legitimately outside of The Bahamas to a married woman, who is a citizen of The Bahamas, and whose husband is not a citizen of The Bahamas.
  • Financially independent individuals or investors who are legitimate owners of a residence in The Bahamas – please note that persons purchasing a residence for BSD $750,000.00 or more will get speedy consideration
  • Police and Prison Officers employed in the Government Service for a minimum of 10 years
  • Teachers employed in the Government Service or by charitable or religious institutions for a minimum of 10 years
  • Nurses employed in the Government Service or with private hospitals and healthcare facilities for a minimum of 10 years
  • Ministers of Religion / Priests after having been employed for a minimum of 20 years
  • Doctors / Medical professionals after having been employed for a minimum of 20 years
  • Persons who have held legal work permit status for more than twenty (20) consecutive years.
  • Person who resided in the country for at least 10 and less than 20 years and who held a work permit in any of the scales 5 to 8.


  1. Fill out appropriate form.
  2. Attach completed application form to supporting documents.
  3. Submit to the Department of Immigration, along with processing fee payment.

Application Form(s)

Form IV regulation 2, regulation 8, also available at the offices of the Department of Immigration

Supporting Documents

  • VAILD copy of biographical page of passport for applicant.
  • 2 passport-sized identical colour photographs of the applicant, with the applicant’s name printed on the reverse side (photographs must not be more than 6 months old)
  • An original police certificate of character (issued not more than six months prior to the submission of the application
  • Original birth certificate (In the case of certificates that are written in languages other than English, an English translation should be submitted, sealed by the appropriate Consular Office where applicable, with a BS$10 Bahamian postage stamp affixed to it
  • An original medical certificate dated not more than 30 days prior to the submission of the application
  • 2 original character references, written by Bahamian citizens known to the applicant for at least 5 years
  • Parents’ birth certificate
  • Parents’ marriage certificate
  • Marriage certificate (married persons)
  • Spouse’s death certificate (widowed persons)
  • Divorce decree (divorcees)
  • Financial statements from applicant’s financial institution citing a figure range, and verifying economic worth

Turn-around time

Once the actual application has been accurately and completely submitted, applicant should contact the Consultation Unit at 604-0241/2 within a 8 to 12 week period for an update of the process of the application.